"Because of the solid foundation that Dr. Sprunger gave me through four years of piano lessons, I am prepared to complete my studies as a music major and become a music educator myself. I am ahead of the rest of my peers in music theory because Dr. Sprunger trained me in scale harmonization and chord progressions. I was the only freshman that felt comfortable accompanying the upper classmen in ear-training exercises because it was nothing new for me, and my professor was pleasantly surprised to see my competency in that area. I recommend Dr. Sprunger's series to anyone who wishes to gain an understanding of music theory. Dr. Sprunger will show you that it IS possible to learn to play by ear!"

- Grace Keller
"My name is Daniel Keller, and I have been taking lessons from Dr. Sprunger for several years. Although I am only fourteen years old, I am now capable of sitting down and playing by ear using the chords, progressions, and techniques that Dr. Sprunger has taught me. Because Dr. Sprunger has a knack for teaching, he is able to effectively present the information needed in order to play by ear. If you are interested in a fun and easy way to play by ear, I highly recommend this DVD series"

- Daniel Keller
"Ron Sprunger, long-time church musician, music educator, and composer/arranger, has distilled a lifetime of experience into this DVD. Breaking down the elements of music improvisation into easy-to-follow sections, and illustrating his points with well-designed graphics and actual video of hands-on keyboarding, he guides the musician step-by-step through the wonderful world of improvisation. Musicians from all backgrounds will find his teaching style engaging and and logical. I highly recommend this course for young and old alike--anyone who wants to learn to play by ear, improvise more creatively, or who wants to understand the theory behind their already-established improvisational patterns. Certainly anyone who wishes to arrange music will benefit by absorbing the contents of Dr. Sprunger's video course.

- Lyndell Leatherman
Leatherman Music Services
Kansas City, MO
"Ron Sprunger is an accomplished musician, writer and teacher. “How2PlayByEar.com” is a wonderful combination of music theory, playing by ear, and practical musical examples. Ron’s approach of talking about music while providing notated music examples is especially effective…hearing and seeing the music. Whether you are a person who play by ear or with notes, this video series will be an outstanding tool to help you play great music while having fun! I highly recommend “How2PlayByEarl.com.”"

- Paul Sunderland
Worship Arts and Music Professor of Greenville College
Greenville, Illinois
"Informative…practical…understandable….These are just a few of the words that describe Ron Sprunger’s approach to learning to play by ear. Whether you are a veteran pianist with years of training or a relative novice who is simply trying to play Happy Birthday by ear, this is a teaching tool that I guarantee will provide clear, step-by-step handles and aid you in the process. This is a resource that ought to be in every piano teacher’s library as they help their students develop this vital musical skill. I whole-heartedly endorse it! Buy it. Use it. And enjoy your new and enhanced skills of playing by ear!"

- Lloyd Larson
"I like what I see. Dr. Sprunger has done a good job with the materials. The information flows logically and smoothly, and he demonstrates that vocally and at the keyboard very well, very musically."

- Dr. Glenn Utsch
Professor of Classical Piano and Jazz - Slippery Rock University
"At long last Dr. Sprunger has managed to demystify the art of playing by ear. His training videos present an accessible step-by-step approach to learning this skill, based upon principles of music theory. Whether you are a beginning pianist learning this art for the first time, or a seasoned musician in search of more daring harmonies, Dr. Sprunger has wisdom for everyone. "

- Kevin Himes
Pastor and Musician
"Dr. Ron Sprunger has been able to share the secrets of what makes simple music sound interesting. For the novice student of music theory, Ron will show you how to take a familiar melody and add color to it by simply rearranging the chord structure. Whether you are playing from a hymnal or from a jazz fakebook, Ron will begin to take you to a new level of playing the piano."

- Steve Brown
Jazz Musician and former Music Educator
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