I am indebted to many people who have inspired me and helped me to grow in musical understanding. These people may never know how the seeds that they have planted continue to grow in the lives of their former students. In addition to teachers, I’m listing the names of others who have been an part of this video project:

Dr. Rob Douglass - video editing and tech support

Matt Potosky - backdrop for video sessions

Linda Sprunger - encouragement and proof reading

The late Robert Melcher of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music for his emphasis on scale harmonization

The late Dr. Earl Lehman of Bluffton University for insight in the early development of pitch awareness

The late Dr. Hugh Glauser and Dr. Walter Watson of Kent State University for pedagogical and theoretical concepts

The late Inda Howland, the late Dr. Marta Sanchez and other teachers of Dalcroze eurhythmics who have greatly influenced musical understanding

Dr. Ann Marie de Zeeuw at the University of Louisville for directed study in Schenkerian analysis

Dr. Thomas Walker of Southern Missouri University-St. Louis for insight regarding tri-tone substitute chords

Private instructors in piano and organ: Alberta Berg, Dr. John Ferguson, Leo Holden, and Dr. Boyd Jones

The late Dr. Donald Hustad and other members of the faculty of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for advanced studies in church music

Dr. Fred Finks, former president of Ashland Theological Seminary for encouraging creative work through study leave

The many students that I’ve been privileged to teach and from whom I’ve also learned

Lloyd Larson and Lyndel Leatherman, present and former keyboard editors at Lillenas Publishing Co. for continuing opportunities to share creativity through publications

Most of all, glory to God, the ultimate Source of creativity, inspiration and motivation.

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