Bigger Steps (Sessions 5-9)

Overview of Lessons for Bigger Steps

             Bigger Steps involves learning what I call “Million Dollar” chord progressions. Song writers get a lot of mileage out of progressions like Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” and other predictable chord changes.  When these are programmed into our fingers in different keys, we’ll have a tool that is very useful.  Perhaps you’ve played these progressions without giving them much thought.  If your work includes teaching, these training videos will facilitate your efforts to equip others for the use of these chord patterns in different keys and styles.  (Bigger Steps includes one DVD).

Bigger Steps includes:

  • Pachelbel's "Canon in D"
  • Succession by 5ths
  • Ascending Bass Progression
  • The Changing Function of a Repeated Pitch
  • Secondary Dominant Chords

      The musical examples are also included as both Powerpoint and PDF files on the enclosed CD-R, along with MIDI files and MP4 video files which can be transferred to your flash drive, I-Pad, or other mobile device.  For a preview and a free lesson in Beginning Steps, Bigger Steps and Advanced Chords, click on the tabs at the bottom of my home page. 

Bigger Steps (CD-R)

  • Canon in D Progression
  • Succession by 5ths
  • Ascending Bass Pattern
  • Changing Function of a Repeated Pitch
  • Secondary Dominant Chords

For use with computer or mobile device

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