Beginning Steps (Sessions 1-4)

Overview of Lessons for Beginning Steps

     How2PlayByEar is based on a single premise:  When the sounds that we have played become organized in our minds and ears, and programmed into our muscles, we’ll be able to retrieve them as we improvise and play by ear.  Our muscles remember that which has been thoughtfully stored and practiced.  (Two DVDs are included)

Beginning Steps includes:

  • Playing melodies of increasing difficulty by thinking scale numbers or syllables (piano or other instruments)
  • Common-tone chording in different styles and keys (piano, organ, synthesizer)
  • Combining scales and chords in keyboard style (both melody and chords in the right hand), with the bass in the left hand
  • Mastering binary and ternary rhythm patterns including the combining of these in mixed meter

    The musical examples are also included as both Powerpoint and PDF files on the enclosed CD-R, along with MIDI files and MP4 video files which can be transferred to your flash drive, iPad, or other mobile device.  For a preview and free lesson in Beginning Steps, Bigger Steps, and Advanced Chords click on the tabs at the bottom of my home page.

Beginning Steps: Related Materials (CD-R)

  • Playing Melodies by Thinking Scale Numbers and/or Syllable Names
  • Common-Tone Chording
  • Scale with Chords
  • Binary and Ternary Rhythm Patterns

Ron Sprunger

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Ron Sprunger, Teacher, Arranger, Composer
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Powerpoint and PDF Files, Reference List, MIDI Files and Index of MIDI Files,
Excerpts from Original Manuscript, Credits, Background Information

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