Thoughts to Ponder

Finding the Theme

By Ron Sprunger   |  January 4, 2018
The struggles of life can be dealt with more effectively when we realize that they are an integral part of our journey of faith. We can decide to let them make us better. We can also choose to let them make us bitter. We can learn from the past and chart a new course or theme for the days and years that remain. God provides hope, joy expressed in songs for the journey.

Life More Abundant

By Ron Sprunger   |  January 4, 2018
As a person focuses on entitlement, his/her sense of gratitude tends to diminished. To say it another way, "Entitlement is farewell to gratitude." Performing what seems a mundane tasks out of a sense of duty is commendable. Serving with a heart of gratitude for the opportunity is an even greater service, and opportunity to grow.

The Importance of Perspective

By Ron Sprunger   |  December 28, 2017
How We View Another Person or Situation is Crucial

Planting Powerful Thoughts

By Ron Sprunger   |  July 1, 2017
As parents, teachers, pastors, and other leaders, we have the opportunity to share powerful thoughts that help others gain a new perspective for life.

Seize the Moment at Hand

By Ron Sprunger   |  July 1, 2017
Seize the Moment at Hand

The Joy of Growing

By Ron Sprunger   |  September 23, 2015
Those who are privileged to teach, and those who lead in other ways, are challenged to see potential in each person, to recognize that there are different kinds of intelligence, and realize that all kinds of growth are important: intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, and growth in the development of interpersonal skills. Essential to growth is a learning environment where there is an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Leaders also need encouragement. We are admonished to abstain from criticism and, instead, pray for those who lead. May a spirit of love and joy prevail in our homes, schools, churches, business enterprises, government and other venues of life together.

The Importance of Song

By Ron Sprunger   |  November 5, 2013
Martin Luther knew the potential power of song. On Thursday evenings he taught theology by singing hymns. A.W. Tozer gave new converts a hymn book and encouraged them to learn the hymns of Watts and Wesley as a means of developing a strong theology.

Why Beauty?

By Ron Sprunger   |  November 5, 2013
Why Beauty? Recently I was asked question by a young man who was about to complete his studies in mechanical engineering. He was considering the purpose of beauty.

Five Key Words in Effective Teaching

June 13, 2013
Intrigue, Interest, Inform,...

The Importance of Vision

June 12, 2013
A vision without a task is only a pipe dream...
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