Chords in Action

By Ron Sprunger   |  January 11, 2018
Chords, as they progress, are similar to the words in a sentence. Some chords, like verbs, call for action. A chord, like an adjective in a sentence, can modify another chord. Resolving a dominant 7th chords is easier when you learn to hear how the 3rd of the chord rises, and the 7th descends. Thinking about what we play can result in more efficient muscle memory. Muscles have memory.

Are Hymnals a Thing of the Past?

By Ron Sprunger   |  December 28, 2017
Before we discard the hymnal and choose only songs that are current and pleasing to the worship leader, let's think about the need for a balanced diet of songs that nurture the spiritual life of the whole body of Christ. Songs that are rich in scripture content and doctrine are important. Let' s not let our "sound byte" culture shape the church. The world could easily squeeze us into its mold.

When Muscles Forget

March 8, 2016
When Fingers Forget I suspect most of us have experienced a moment at the keyboard [or other instrument] when our fingers forgot what comes next. Muscles do have memory, but they are more likely to remember if we give some thought to what we're playing as we learn chord progressions and new pieces. Playing what we're learning in a different key makes us more aware of the design of chord patterns and melodic patterns.

No Gift Too Small

By Ron Sprunger   |  February 8, 2016
Inspiration comes to us from words of affirmation from others, from scripture, songs, example of those who impact our lives. Aspiration comes from within. In response to the inspiration that we receive, we are encouraged to stir up the gifts that we have and use them to bless others. The late Don Rinehart, to whom reference is made, taught at Ashland University where he impacted thousands of lives.
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By Ron Sprunger   |  June 12, 2013
My understanding of what improvisation is has been broadened through a number of experiences. The insights gained through these learning experiences have encouraged me in my efforts to make music in a creative, spontaneous manner.


By Ron Sprunger   |  June 12, 2013
Modulation has always fascinated me. Long before I even knew the word modulation, I delighted in the way our church organist was able to weave a meaningful connection between the offertory music and the singing of the "Doxology."


By Ron Sprunger   |  June 12, 2013
One day I was asked a question that amused me, then intrigued me enough to cause me to reflect. The honest questions of children are a source of delight to me. This one came from a senior who was “pushing ninety.”
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